How do I start a food storage for my family?

This is a question that constantly plagued me! How do I create a food storage to look after my family on a budget i can afford? How do I know my families needs are met, no matter what tommorow brings? How do I achieve peace of mind?

These questions are why I started GRID DOWN FOODS

are healthy freeze dried snacks available in a huge variety!
Top flavours : coconut bites, grapes, Fuji apples
Great for: hiking / hunting and sharing!

*gluten free options available

Pantry and family cans are the best way purchase larger quantities of freeze dried food and sealed most last 25 years!
Top flavours : sliced roasted chicken, ground beef, diced onion, carrots, celery 

-pantry cans a great for quick use in the kitchen, just pour in to most dishes your preparing. No mess no chopping just a healthy dinner!
-family cans are the largest can available and are great for the true preppers food storage!

*gluten free and organic options available

TOGO’s available in a 3 varieties!
flavours : chicken salad, Chicken Fajita, island-Style pork

Great for: hiking / hunting and when your on the go!

Have you had a chance to see the amazing new SPRING 2019 catalog. Tones of amazing meals and snacks avalible, Shipped right to your door!
Check out our full line up of SNACKIES, TOGO packs, large selection of FREEZE DRIED FOODS and SIMPLE PLATE meals!
*gluten free and organic options available   

What makes FREEZE DRIED foods better than the food you buy in the grocery store?

Simply put, freeze drying locks in your foods natural nutrition resulting in highly nutritious foods and snacks! Your family will love!

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Learn about: basic prepping you can do today, food storage, and best of all THRIVE LIFE products!

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Check out, our running series on easy preps that anyone can do to be more prepared!

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