Who needs food storage?

Everyone, having a food storage that will last the long haul brings an amazing level of confidence that in an emergency or unforseen situation your, basic needs will be covered.

is a low temperature dehydration process which involves freezing the product, lowering pressure, then removing the ice by transitioning the ice instantly in to a gas by passing the liquids state. The original shape of the food is maintained and quality of the re-hydrated product is excellent.

  1. Freeze dried food can be stored for upwards of 25 - 30 years making them perfect for your food stockpile 
  2. The freeze drying process maintains foods nutrition 
  3. Freeze dried food can be re-hydrated to cook an entire meal maintaining the original taste

Freeze dried products are grown to fully ripe on the farm, harvested and immediately flash frozen on site locking in the nutrition. Then shipped directly to the freeze drying facility to be freeze dried.

This process is superior at maintaining nutrition when compared to the produce at your local grocery store that is picked early and in some cases artificially rippend before ending up on the shelf.

Freeze dried foods have many other amazing uses past food storage.

  1. Great healthy snacks for hunting, camping, hiking and even your kiddos lunches! 
  2. Many freeze dried food items can be used in the kitchen to quickly spice up any dinner. 
  3. Freeze dried foods can be easily ground to create nutricious baby food, or to be added to smoothies.