How do I start a food storage for my family?

This is a question that constantly plagued me! How do I create a food storage to look after my family on a budget i can afford? How do I know my families needs are met, no matter what tommorow brings? How do I achieve peace of mind?

These questions are why I started GRID DOWN FOODS


I am Graydon Breitkreitz, a father of 3 amazing daughters who lives in Airdrie Alberta Canada. My true passion is preparing for the future and being prepared, No matter what happens!

In my leisure time a truly enjoy. getting out to the mountains with the kiddos and on those cold days just chilling at home playing Mario with the kiddos


My wife and I accept our personal responsibility to always be prepared. We value the mission of advancing our level of preparedness each day. We continue to do our best to ensure our families future, no matter what life brings.

As a natural progression of this responsibility we wanted to bring GRID DOWN FOODS to life. Our mission is to bring emergency food storage to all Canadian homes.