It’s the reason you’ll fall in love with our food, we promise!

Compare a tomato you’ve just plucked of the vine in your garden. To a tomato you get from the grocery store during the winter months. The flavour, no comparison right?

Unfortunatly flavour is not the only thing lacking in the store tomato, nutrients! Produce starts losing nutrients soon after being harvested

Don’t be sad! We have a solution. A tasty, beautiful, nutritious solution. We call it nutri-lock
THRIVE LIFE only partners with farmer who make quality food their passion.

How do I get freeze dried food for my family?

Set up a monthly delivery service and receive free shipping on all orders over 100USD. This option is great for people who enjoy the convenience of freeze dried foods and snacks daily and/or would like to set up a long term food storage or a monthly budget that works for them and their family.
This option is great for stocking up for camping or a hunting trip ect. Or for people that simply want to try nutritious freeze dried food or snacks for the first time.

THRIVE LIFE products are conveniently shipped strait to your door and ship to the following countries.
-United States of America
-Puerto Rico

4 main Product types

Are single serving fruits, veggies and mixes that are tasty and nutricious snacks for while your on the go, wether it be hiking hunting or simply a trip to the park.